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Hand Crank Power

When stuck out in the middle of nowhere and with out a single working battery, hand crank power can generate the power you need to power a flashlight. These were the words that Mike realized would generate sales for a new device he had developed when this exact thing had happened to him in the High Sierras. Out backpacking with his friends for the weekend, they stopped in a canyon and set up camp for the night. That's when they realized that no one had brought batteries for any of the equipment they had. There was nothing to power the radio, the flashlights, or even the GPS. The equipment was all useless with no power and there was nowhere to purchase batteries for over a hundred miles. The whole weekend was ruined and Mike knew there had to be something better.

Mike was sure he could think of something to keep it from happening again. His first thought was to tape a note to his forehead reminding him to get batteries next time he went to the mountains. But he quickly dismissed that idea. He thought about it the whole week while sitting in classes at school. That weekend, he began what he thought would bring forever an end to nights spent in the dark with out a flashlight. With some planning, he ordered parts for the next greatest thing next to Mom's apple pie.

Rising bright and early, Mike dug out his box of parts and began working on an LED flashlight that needed no batteries. It would have a compartment for them, but if he ever forget batteries again, it would have a crank that could be turned by hand to charge and internal battery and light the device. The piece of camping gear would be in high demand, once other people found out they could own one.

No more would downed power lines leave houses in the dark for people to stumble around in. Flashlights that didn't work would be passed over for one of his crank-able flashlights. Whether people were boating, camping, experiencing severe weather that had knocked out the lights, or had any other emergency, they would not be left without a light source as long as they had one of his flashlights.

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